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Multi-Generational Backup Methods

For regulatory reasons we have customers that need to keep applications working and available well after the application is no longer in use. We thank HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley for some of this time and cost wasting nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, but there are costs to mothballing applications and environments that have been mothballed. They can be tedious to maintain when the support is long gone from any of the vendors. While reviewing some “mothballs” for a few customers, we had to determine a quick and easy way to retire tapes and other hardware for some “mothballed” applications to lessen the burden on support personnel and training new guys on “1980’s tech”.

So here’s one method we used to get around backing up a netware server with tapes and going straight to disk. By using zmanda enterprise edition as a backup server and leveraging NFS volumes in netware, we were able to get around a lot of nonsense and make this work pretty easily (pretty slick too!).

So here is a quick and easy how to with adding a Netware (6.0) legacy server to be included in backup for zmanda as an “agentless” backup on the source server.

You must be able to run ConsoleOne and the volume being backed up must be a NSS volume.

Configure Netware

In ConsoleOne you must create the export path and add rights for anyone as “read only” as a minimum and the export file must be created. Then NFS must be started on the Netware server. If this is an ongoing task, remember to add “nfsstart.ncf” to the autoexec.ncf routine of that server.

Configure Linux Server

Create a mount directory for the volume:

ex: mkdir /mnt/servername_volume,

mkdir /mnt/apollo_vol1

mount the volume by ip address:

mount -t nfs /mnt/apollo_vol1/

If you do not get an error message, that mount was successful. Go to the mnt directory and use it.

cd /mnt/apollo_vol1/ ls -l

See, it’s there! When backing up from ZMANDA add it as a “Linux/UNIX/Mac” with an IP of, and the directory of:


and submit your job like normal.

Note, this will not backup NDS, but there are other ways to do that, and it is already a virtual server where we were doing this!

(This is an article based on cloud services, as zmanda has an amazons3 agent so jobs can be sent directly to an s3 account.(