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Customizing a preloaded pfSense nano device

Today I had the need to customize a preinstalled ALIX based pfSense machine. I needed to put my custom shaping scripts into the system. Since i did not create and burn the image as these were preinstalled devices, I simply had to remount the "read only" mount point  in writable mode ( "/") and replace/edit these files, after which i remounted back into "read only" mode. #mount

/dev/ufs/pfsense0 on / (ufs, local, read-only)
devfs on /dev (devfs, local)
/dev/md0 on /var/tmp (ufs, local)
/dev/md1 on /var (ufs, local)
/dev/ufs/cf on /cf (ufs, local, read-only)
devfs on /var/dhcpd/dev (devfs, local)

/dev/ufs/pfsense0 on / (ufs, local, read-only)devfs on /dev (devfs, local)/dev/md0 on /var/tmp (ufs, local)/dev/md1 on /var (ufs, local)/dev/ufs/cf on /cf (ufs, local, read-only)devfs on /var/dhcpd/dev (devfs, local)

Change it to writable:

#mount -u -w /dev/ufs/pfsense0 /

edit/replace your files, when done, change it back:

#mount -u -r /dev/ufs/pfsense0 /