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Cloud Storage Systems

We recently became an Egnyte partner. Egnyte is a cloud storage company, but with a twist. The allow you to run a local storage appliance using netgear ReadyNAS Pro hardware, or your own hardware using a premade Xen or Vmware appliance download. This means local users have access at LAN speed, and it syncs with their cloud service, so remote users don't have to VPN in to gain access to a file. They also have some interoperability with Google Apps and Salesforce CRM applications. Let's play twister!

Left foot, RED: They allow you to also operate your own local cloud from your PC and depending on what kind of plan your firm needs, you can also backup folders from your PC to the local appliance or the cloud based storage system.

Left Hand Green: Each time you save a file to a local appliance or the cloud, a copy is saved. This means if you open a file 10 times on a given day and save it 10 times with changes each time, there are "10" versions, and you can revert to any version at any time if the system is configure for you to do so. The skillset needed to restore that file? Minimal, using a web browser.

Right Hand Yellow: Since you can gain access to your files from a MAC or Windows PC, this means your MAC at home has access to the same files your office PC has. This is great for remote workers, because it really requires little or no software to install, depending on the methods you want to use to access it.  You can also share the files with your office co-workers from home.

Right Foot Blue: I have a linux server with no GUI and I want to backup some stuff... installing davfs2 works wonders. For instance, I can backup my sipXecs phone system to a "local" directory with an automated task, and it locally holds 30 days of backups. Then I mount via /etc/fstab the webdav folder on my Egntye account, and using a cron job, copy (do not overwrite) the files over to their service, so I have the backup duplicated via a cron job. So contrary to what they tell you, it's not ONLY for Mac and Windows users. It would be nice if they wrote the how-to's on this for the masses.

Top of your head WHITE: OK, it's not a target color in the game, it's the background color of the mat, because we can keep going and going. This is the last spin (for now). They also support FTP and FTPs. They also have a neat little service called a "dropbox" (which I think can be improved in some methods as far as authentication goes, we've made the improvement request).  So your affiliated partners, customers, vendors, can upload a file from a web site and have the widget code directed to a particular folder. That folder can then be access locally via your appliance without your staff having to download anything, since the folders "sync".

The possibilities become more varied than a twister game!