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My"Federated"Buddy in sipXecs

sipXecs has a simple but effective XMPP integration. I won't go into detail on it, it has a lot of deep functionality that requires "chatting" with an IMbot to get help on how to do certain things. A little known/used piece of the integration is: Adding an "alternate" IM address to a user account in sipx.

OK. Why would I use that?

Using this, a user with a foreign IM account (Googletalk, etc.) can be instantly notified via IM (XMPP) that someone is leaving them a oicemail or has left them one. They can also be instantly notified that they have received a fax.

  • IM (XMPP) services enabled on sipx
  • The sipx "sipdomain" is a different domain than your "alternate" IM address (another reason I always use a subdomain when installing sipx).
  • DNS records are properly entered at your DNS host
  • Your firewall is nat'ing the xmpp server/client port (5222 & 5269 tcp) to your sipx installation.
  • Your user has IM enabled.
  • Your alternate IM account needs to be XMPP compliant (sorry yahoo and aol microsoft users).

There is a good overview of the XMPP protocol here. By far the largest supported of the XMPP protocol is Google. It will be interesting to see if Skype continues to support it after their purchase by Microsoft.

Enough ranting, have the user "add" "MyBuddy@<your-sipx-domain-here>. It should auto add and start instant communications with you when there is something to say!