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Budget Time at the OK Corral!

We ran into a customer who bought an Integrated T1. They are downtown and next to "Main Street", smack in the center of the business district. They can get ANY Internet provider, but they opted at the time for one sold to them by a used car salesman turned telecom "pro". All we could say was "slick job". They pay $600.00 per month for a T1 with 7 POTS lines carved off of it. Not to mention they have a recurring echo issues because the power is up a little high on the output IAD (Cisco). We can't really correct it because the next week it's too low.

They already have a phone system we installed for them, and it works fine. We just need to lower their costs, because this is ridiculous. They were locked into a 2 year term, and are suffering two years later with a 1.088MB synchronous Internet connection. That's right, the voice lines are TDM and the data connection pipe is a static, not dynamic. I guess they had another car salesman visit the telco and pawn off some horribly designed IAD stuff, because someone bought it. So they share the T1, with themselves. It amazes us the cost for Internet T1 is the same as if they bought ONLY a T1. They are also being charged for POTS lines and not being reimbursed back from the TELCO the cost of transport or the loss of Internet connectivity. I am sure this was covered, but it really smacks of double dipping the revenue stream in today's "data is king" world.

OK, time to send the car salesman packing. When we save over $5,000 per year just to turn off POTS lines and increase internet speeds 16-20 times compared to what they currently have, its a compelling argument to make it a priority. What can we say. Pine box has been ordered, RIP.

We have a spreadsheet we've anonymized, we'll share with any interested customers or prospective customer, contact us to see it.