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Ingenius integrations for Polycom phone users

Recently I worked on a project for a company that needed "deeper" integration of their sipXecs phone system using Polycom phones. In order to provide a "quick fix", we did the following:

We downloaded this software and installed it.

It assumes the user knows the following about their Polycom phone:

IP Address, device password. Example:, 456

When you configure the phone in the system, you need to create the location.

Example: Location name is "SALES-200"


Phone IP address: Phone admin password: 456 Phone IP port: 5060

Then click "send settings to my phone, which will reboot the phone. After the phone has re-registered, play around with the "actions, see how it can do neat stuff, like pull up contacts in Outlook, do google searches, etc.

If you like it, give us some feedback and tell us how it helps you be more productive!