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Mozy on out of here...

We did a quick site review for a new customer. During the review we found they had Google Apps for email, and Postini (the basic level) with no archiving. Then they also has a subscription to Mozy that was installed on all the office PC's? Mozy is supposed to backup their email.  In essence Postini was giving them a different way of handling Spam is all. The number's:

They pay somewhere around 100.00 per month for Mozy. It was not set to target all of the PST files. It was deleting the ones online over a couple of weeks old.  The PC's had to be left on at night to do the Mozy backup. Some of the PC's weren't set to target the right directories at all, the email didn't get backed up.

In an office with 12 PC's, you have 12 separate management points, no really useful reporting or alarms, and no way to orchestrate managing this. So how do you solve it?

Throwing at anvil (at an ant), is the method we used. We turned off Postini and moved the domain to full archiving and turned archiving on. We also set a central footer (disclaimer) on all outgoing email since the last admin didn't manage to do that. After that was in place, we copied every PST file they had and uploaded it to Amazon for off-site, long-term storage. In the event any of the email is needed that is not on Postini archives (pre-postini), we simply jump onto amazon s and download and open the pst file in question.

It costs less to do it this way. Noone has to install or use Mozy. PC's don't have to stay on overnight.

Mozy might be fine for a one-man show or an environment where people know how to take care of their own PC's and backups, but we have better, simpler ways to do this kind of thing these days (see our posts here on how we do backups with Engyte NAS devices).

If this describes your environment, Mozy on out of there. If you need to duplicate what we did above, call us, we'll be glad to help!