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When dropbox is just not good enough... taking back your bandwidth.

People who love dropbox love dropbox. I can't fault them. It's good but its a niche product. We have a customer who has 26 eople inside using dropbox. Problem is they have HUGE (Mongo big) files, some around 1GB. What dropbox lacks...

Centralized fileshare system with actual controls. Yes, you can tell it to get the files from a local store, but there is no controlling how that store connects to their online service. It's nice to hear they added some centralized permissions controls for IT shops to help customers, but it's one of the biggest SUCKERS (as in bandwidth users) on most networks. If one person saves a file of 1GB, it invariably can use 12-15GB in internet bandwidth to users in the same LAN. It's not efficient for LAN use.

To resolve this, we have had to install a local NAS device (or file server) and have the users connect to it. The devices we install have addon software services to backup or sync files externally so we don't have to do backups, and we can sync those files AT NIGHT and limit the amount of bandwidth it uses. Take back the pipe!

Don't get us wrong, dropbox is GREAT for a micro organization, especially with very small files and decentralized workers. It's also a great way to share files with other people, but in a LAN environment, it has some growing up to do to play on that court.