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Is that pig flying and wearing lipstick too?

We had to do some research for a customer and sent them out finding. Really it was about 4G coverage in the State. It didn't take long, but what it did do is make us think the ITU should be slapped around a bit. A year ago they quietly said that any 3G data network operator could overclock their network using HSPA+ and "call it 4G". Well, theoretically it is 4g, since it requires a 4g device. It's still a  3G network.  What they SHOULD have done is qualify that as 3GS or 4F (not quite  a "G").  As a colleague of mine puts it: "Like putting lipstick on a pig or the pig flying". This was great for the guys at AT&T and T-Mobile, all it does it pulls the wool over the consumers eyes (thanks for the lack of oversight there FCC) and make it harder to differentiate the difference.

Let's hope the ITU gets their act together next time and stick to a plainly obvious definition. In the meantime, ask is this "3G" or "LTE". If they say 4G just shake your head and know they really mean 3G and don't understand what the heck it is they are selling.

Flying pig with make-up alert! Duck!