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The price of early adoption...

OK, so buying a new cell phone is going to cost me. It's the REALLY buried charges you have to watch out for though. On a new phone model, with a new software stack and new hardware features it can be fun or problematic.

The new Samsung Galaxy Nexus is nice, but it lacks some core documentation from both Samsung and Google. I tried to talk to verizon about it, but they really seem to treat the device like a red headed stepchild. When I went in to pick it up, it was in the back corner. No signs in the window or anything else. I went in days after they started selling the device and they thought my choice unusual saying, "we've only sold two of these...", plus they had zero accessories (cases, holsters) specific to the model.

Once you encrypt the phone, the new feature to face unlock the phone disappears. No documentation tells you this directly and we had to contact Google Enterprise support to confirm it. We also suggested they update their documentation (silence from them).


Device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Carrier: Verizon Country / Language: USA/English OS / Browser / build number (if applicable): n/a (stock image)

If I make a call that requires me to use the keypad, I get the following behavior when I talk: The screen "blanks" (proximity sensor turns screen off). If I look in the mirror I can see the screen is not turning on, but it "dials" digits randomly.
When I give the phone to my daughter it doesn't do that.  So here is the thing, I called Verizon and opened a case with them, because it's really unuseable if i call somewhere that needs me to use the keypad during the call (all workdays are like that), and since I have encrypted the phone locking the screen makes it cumbersome to lock it and unlock it during the call (some systems give you xx seconds to do an input, like frackin' tech support calls).
The difference between me and my daughter? I have a beard. Jokingly Verizon suggested I shave it.
Now here is the joke where the iSheep get to laugh... analogous to holding the phone the wrong way with the iphone 4on at&t and the whole wireless reception problem.
i don't think there's an answer to this short of a fix, but it has to start somewhere.  This is why people do funny things when they want something. I won't shave my face for a phone, so back it goes. Chalk it up to a failure to properly test before shipping.