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Revisiting an OLD PBX

OLD PBX. Actually it's an OLD linux based SIP system. It's fun though, read on... I was contacted by a firm running an old sipxecs system, running version 3.10.3. They want to upgrade it and find someone they could use to make sure it works properly. It was easy-peasy.

After doing a backup and export, we put new drives in their otherwise healthy base model Dell server (the drives had been running with the system for over 3 years, so good idea to update them).

We built a new system off-site on its own subdomain and imported their data, then manually restored their voicemail (fix some permission issues) and manually move the auto attendant and music on hold greetings. We also installed a new firewall and vlan capable POE switch.

What did they get? Phone with DHCP (not static IP assignments) and sipx managing its own DHCP and DNS while their Windows server simply forwarded requests for their subdomain to sipx. At the same time, we adjusted the PC's DHCP to point to the firewall for DNS (not the windows server). This is an ideal way to address this because now EITHER the data or the voice network can be worked on without affecting overall functionality within their organization.

New functionalities:

  • Sip Trunking - Which they are using for outbound calls at the moment.
  •  IM (which they use in office where they had no solution before)
  • IM integration for phone status of other users, oncluding call information.
  • Using a "phantom user" and "schedules" incoming calls for the office are routed to either a huntgroup or auto attendant, instead of in their POTS gateway. When they switch to incoming calls via sip trunk, their is not additional programming needed to maintain this consistency!
  • FAX, which they will be implementing in a few weeks.
  • EFK and custom ringtones for the Polycom handsets.

After the system we provided was in for a week and determined there was no cause to revert or get any data off the old system, we wiped it using the new drives and reinstalled the phone system and restored their data from our loaner.

See how they extend their capabilities in our next post by integrating IM and mobility and implement fax!