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To the rescue!

When we travel for work here, each person carries a smart phone, laptop and various other electronic gadgets to keep us in touch when we are away. One of the recent devices we've started carrying is a remote teleworker appliance. It requires electrical current (no the typical hostspot with battery of its own for several hours).  It has Ethernet and/or USB Internet connectivity plus four local ethernet ports AND wifi.

On a recent trip I plugged this into the desk of my hotel room and connected the Ethernet cable. My own wifi network came on and I had no issues nor did I have to train my devices to connect to another network. My wireless network was secure (as opposed to the open wifi that hotels usually offer).

A week later I got a panic call from a client's office suffering from an Internet outage. According to the carrier it was not likely to be resolved that day. So I plugged in a my compatible USB modem (3g/4g) and turned everything on. Within 3 minutes of turning this on at their office, "everything" started to work. All of the PC's were able to use email and it was like a "Bar Rescue" episode with a happy ending. We didn't even change the name of the business.

Ask us about teleworker devices or SMART Internet routers with USB modem failover!