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Hosted BES for GAPPS by myIT!

Later this month we'll be unveiling a new hosting service for Google Apps Premiere Customers. Hosting the BES (or BPS) server for you through our dev-pay service. No physical server or Microsoft license to buy. Simply provide us with your BES (or BPS) license and we'll set it all up. You pay for bandwidth, storage and backup. No power, no Internet connection, no physical server at your location. With BPS licenses starting at 99.00 per user, it's not exactly expensive.

You simply provide us with your existing Blackberry server licenses, or we procure them for you and your own license for Microsoft Outlook 2007. This is different from other offerings in that it is not shared with other companies, it is your own Blackberry server, the licensing of which belongs to you.

If you are interested in our Google Apps offerings or already have one and want someone to get you started with your own Blackberry server, head on over to our website and give us a call.

After reviewing with you, you can purchase it here, but you will need an Amazon account first:

Setup is usually available in 1-2 business days after order is placed.