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Firefox Script to play WAV files in GMAIL

We've been trying to find an easier way to play wav files (voicemail) when sent to email. We can't do this right now with Google's embedded options or in Gmail Labs. Right now Google will play MP3 attachments without any issues.

It seems impossible to do this at the moment in Chrome, and numerous requests has been observed and read through at Google to add WAV playing in Gmail, but no response. Could it be that since Google  Voice sends a voicemail as an MP3, it's of no real value in making you comfortable with someone else's media file or phone service?

If you are a firefox user, you are in luck. Here's what you will need:

  • Firefox installed
  • Quicktime installed
  • Greasemonkey installed in Firefox
  • GMAIL WAVPLAY userscript installed

Sound difficult?  Noone really seems to have a problem with the first two.  If the second two items are foreign to you, don't worry.

Get Greasemonkey. It installs like any firefox add-on. Just visit this link from Firefox. As with any Firefox add-on, restart firefox, then visit this link to install the script. You will see the [INSTALL] link at the top right in green, click it and it will install the Greasemonkey script.

Now go to a gmail account where a voicemail or wav file is attached, and you'll see the flash player loading the file. Just click the play icon. Enjoy!