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When an ITSP goes haywire...

Earlier this week, I got a lot of calls. A good standby ITSP went haywire. 

So they added 20 or 30 more POP locations in the US. Then their network got really weird and calls wouldn't complete with strange recordings.  

It hit one of my systems at work we use for testing. 

So, if you are searching our site (we saw a lot of search queries this week with this particular ITSP mentioned in our analytics, here's your cure., 

Change your registration time to 180 seconds. Change your gateway to your closest city (i.e. use netselect ping tool or something to compare them all), and also make sure your firewall and any shaping formulas you are using refence this by IP or hostname if that is how yours works.

Make the change then ensure your registration hits the new city and has the right information in it.

It's strange that they won;t acknowledge they changed their proxy-to-proxy registration interval timer(s) from 1800 seconds (30 minutes) to 180 seconds (3 minutes). This kind of was a waste of time and they should have blasted all of this to the rest of us.